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Australia's new meat alternative

CSIRO has launched its plant-based meat venture, v2food. Over the next year there are plans to develop a range of wholly Australian meat alternatives to be sold in supermarkets and restaurants across the country. The products include protein from legumes, fibre from plants, and oils from sunflower and coconut. Hungry Jack’s will be the first major fast food chain to stock the product. Meat-free burger patties will soon be available in their stores. Mince will also be available in grocery stores in the near future.
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Ellenback @ 2019.11.19 8:28 PM
We now have this on the Hungry Jacks Menu as the Rebel Whopper. I conducted the market research for it and it really fulfils a clear need in the market. Very exciting.

Lynn Wood @ 2019.11.20 5:21 AM
Well done Ellen! That must have been very interesting research. I'll have to buy a Rebel Whopper next time I see Hungry Jacks...

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By Test reg

6 October 2019

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