Avoiding the worst effects of climate change


We can avoid the worst effects of climate change with new leadership and a technology revolution that is making renewable power cheap and will make electric vehicles dominant.

Biden has said that, if he wins the US election, they will re-join the Paris Agreement. China is also likely to adopt a stronger policy to reduce emissions (read the book in the link below). So late in 2021, when all nations gather in Glasgow to review commitments under the Agreement, both China and the USA will want countries like Australia to adopt stronger policies on emissions reduction.

Author- Ralph Evans AO

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percy @ 2020.09.13 12:44 PM

Ralph Evans is the author of TOAST, the new Australian primer on climate change. To my knowledge no other work so comprehensively yet concisely covers the environmental, cognitive, technical, economic and political dimensions of the subject.

Its eight chapters on the global problem, the factual evidence, the perception problem, the pseudoscience myths, the tribal sceptics, the new technologies, the political gridlock and the planet’s future make essential reading for anyone wanting to be conversant on the burning issue of this century.  Its available in paperback or kindle from

Evans is the former head of AUSTRADE (the Australian Trade Commission), chaired a leading venture capital group, was CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and chaired the advisory board of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Earlier this year he was awarded an Order of Australia (AO).

Professor Percy Allan AM

Institute for Public Policy & Governance

University of Technology Sydney


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By Lynn Wood

13 September 2020

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