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Bacteria That Can Eat Plastic & Turn It Into Water

The fact that plastic takes almost forever to degrade is a huge problem, especially since there will come a point in time where we will simply run out of space to keep our plastic trash. While that might provide some relief in the future use of plastics, it doesn’t solve the problem of plastics we have at the moment, but scientists Jenny Yao and Miranda Wang might have come up with a solution.
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Lynn Wood @ 2020.02.04 4:53 AM
Amazing as well that they are still teenagers!

Nina @ 2020.02.05 3:16 PM
Love this idea. It tackles one of the big issues related to recycling which is contamination. Imagine if we combined this with the gasification of waste (to create energy) and what we could do with all the tip mountains and waste...

Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay K Rout @ 2020.02.06 8:45 PM

Thanks  @Ideaspies

Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay K Rout @ 2020.02.06 8:47 PM
Combination make always a innovation more solution making to diverse field. Your thought is amazing.  @Nina

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By Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay K Rout

3 February 2020

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