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Balance in an unbalanced world


The pandemic has been mentally exhausting for everyone. For many people, this means struggling to cope with the mixture of home and world life clashes.

Here are four tips to get you through this period.

1. Plan your day.

Be sure to divide time to work, relax and have family time.

2. Exercise regularly 

One of the best ways to stay active and reduce stress is to exercise. Any kind of physical activity will enable your body to release endorphins and make you feel better. 

3. Make a to do list

Making a list allows you to take a mental break.

4. Take time off

What do you think?

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Narelle Hooper @ 2021.07.17 6:25 AM

A helpful list. 
5: I really liked mindset coach Ben Crowe’s advice - how about a To Be List. 
To be kind is a good start.. 

IdeaSpies @ 2021.07.17 6:25 AM
Good idea Narelle to have a To Be list as well as a To Do list! Any yes- To Be Kind is a good start.

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