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BeeHero - Pollinating with greater precision


Insects, especially honey bees, are declining globally and creating a world-wide pollination deficit.

In a fight to help reverse this deficit, BeeHero has created a device with Internet (IOT) sensors that turn a traditional bee hive into an intelligent smart hive.

The sensors provide actionable insights for beekeepers that inform important decisions about feeding, treatment, swarm management, queen replacement and other hive health metrics

A 2022 Harvard study noted that inadequate pollination had caused a 3% to 5% loss of fruit, vegetable and nut production, directly effecting world health.

The BeeHero may help to reverse this loss.

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2023.07.20 7:44 AM

Well done Jeremy W for this idea being Idea of the Week!

Jeremy U- the link you posted doesn't seem to work. Please check it.

Jeremy Ungar @ 2023.07.20 7:48 AM
It will work soon, the website is just down for now! Sorry.

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