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Anthony Passe-de Silva @ 2022.02.18 5:42 AM

Given that the whole foundation of cryptocurrency is trying to transact outside of a network without an overarching institution, it seems that proponents' attempt to legitimise will only lead to it becoming increasingly subject to control. This is particularly so where governments view the risks to people's financial security but also to the tax base of a nation. The other justifications for using cryptocurrency have arguably been afterthoughts which can be resolved through other means (e.g. fast payments infrastructure).

However, good use cases for blockchain technology exist such as managing asset registries (e.g. ASX upgrades), providence (e.g. tracking livestock from paddock to plate) and long end to end flows with multiple hand offs (e.g. trade finance).

IdeaSpies @ 2022.02.19 5:42 AM

Good points Anthony- blockchain can be productive. When you search blockchain as a keyword on IdeaSpies you'll see these ideas, explained simply.

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