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Bringing dignity to aged care.

Complete on line real time monitoring of an aged care person at home or aged care facility and with ability for medical and mobility intervention
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lynnwood @ 2018.02.08 7:12 AM
Can you suggest products or services that help Peter?

peter-2 @ 2018.02.08 7:12 AM
Hi Lynn, I haven?t thought that far out yet?. All I can think is that robotics, electronic monitoring and so on must now be adaptable. I am considering investing in aged car and would like to see what is out there! Peter

Lynn Wood @ 2018.02.08 7:12 AM
Hi Peter- I used to co-own a nursing home so understand the issues. I suggest you share this post on social media to seek solutions that are available. I will as well. Below are three already on IdeaSpies- it's easy to search the platform by word or category: Lynn

craig @ 2018.02.08 7:12 AM
I chair a company delivering care homes in the disability sector. Our homes will carry movement sensors to monitor if residents become immobile and also offer simple technologies such as video conferencing / monitoring to allow medical teams to check in remotely in between site visits. Craig

Lynn Wood @ 2018.02.09 7:12 AM
Great ideas Craig. You are very welcome to post an idea on IdeaSpies for us to share. Peter Tyree has led the way with this post after our conversation yesterday. I'm also interested in your idea as IdeaSpies was invited to be part of a disability tender to government last year and discussions are continuing. Lynn

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By peter-2

8 February 2018

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