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Building a Startup That Will Last


You have your entrepreneurial idea, or perhaps you have already launched your startup business, now what? Materialising your business into a successful startup might be the first step, but creating a vision and critical strategy to ensure your business endures should be your second.

While no one sets out to create a business with an expiration date, very few startups critically evaluate the strategic principles that are needed to ensure longevity. This article sets out to examine the strategic principles and essential strategies of long-standing companies that you should implement in your business venture.

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.10.15 6:38 AM

Exactly what we're doing with IdeaSpies. Well spotted:

A successful startup is often driven by the vision of its founders and their core team. Most of the key decisions are made by a small group of individuals who have the will and drive to steer the company through the early stages. In backing any company, we’re acutely aware of founders’ mindsets and rally behind those that are building with an attitude of responsibility.

While a principled founding team can create a great company, an enduring company requires a system of leadership that is implemented very early in its history. The framework enables the delegation and distribution of decision making throughout the organization. It is rooted in people practices that help a company constantly recruit, develop, and retain leadership talent at all levels – and make decisions that are aligned with the company’s visions and values.

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By Bradley Delamare

14 October 2020

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