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Aseel Tayah is the creative talent behind Bukjeh, a participatory community art project and intercultural program using music, art and storytelling to build an understanding of global displacement and connect people to build social cohesion. As a Palestinian artist/activist she has been instrumental in using her cultural practice to shed light on the experiences of those living in war-torn countries and conditions. She is a fierce advocate for humanity, and for humans to deal with each other with dignity, kindness and respect. Bukjeh connects people of all ages and background through the medium of the arts.

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CaroWard @ 2020.11.24 1:05 PM
Congratulations... there's nothing more powerful to transfer/share a felt experience than the storytelling and the arts in general. Beautiful and powerful... I wish you so much success Aseel... warmest wishes Caroline 

IdeaSpies @ 2020.11.24 3:49 PM
Yes CaroWard- good to connect people so we see different perspectives.

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By make-happen

23 November 2020

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