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Can corporate Australia help save the Hospitality Industry? One Victorian startup thinks it can...


Hospitality businesses have been decimated by the pandemic and the constant open and close policies of Governments worldwide. 

Without customers, no hospitality business can survive.

Enter Dean Katz, a corporate M&A expert, and Founder of Third Place.

Third Place connects hospitality and accommodation businesses with Corporate Offices, meeting the yearning for flexibility in our post-pandemic workforce, and hospitalities need for customers.

Targeting some of the biggest Corporate names in business, and in partnership with the AHA (Vic) and TAA (Vic), Third Place is a two-sided marketplace revitalising Hospitality by supporting contemporary workforce needs. A win for everyone.

What do you think?

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Josh @ 2021.08.02 6:34 PM

Brilliant initiative and love working from hospitality! I'd choose to work from a cafe, pub or hotel any day of the week instead of the mundane working from home 

#WFHospo is the future of work!

Dean Katz @ 2021.08.04 2:53 PM

We’re thrilled to be playing our role in revitalising the hospitality industry, while supporting the mental health and wellbeing of the corporate workforce. Get in touch for any feedback or queries about Third Place or the #WFHospo initiative.

Contact me at 

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