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After careful consideration we have decided that is is no longer in the best interests of everyone involved to proceed with 2020.

While we recognise that a lot of hard work has gone into preparing for 2020 it has turned into a disastrous year and we feel it is best just to call it off.

We understand that some of you were looking forward to seeing what disaster 2020 would throw up next. But on balance we believe it's probably best not to find out.

We will instead provide ticket-holders with a full refund or an exchange and start afresh with 2021on Monday.

Our plan is to deliver a more enjoyable year, similar to say 2016 which many thought was the absolute worst year of all time but in retrospect was a walk in the park.

See you next year.


What do you think?

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jaqui @ 2020.03.21 8:09 PM
Terrific take on the year that is 2020. I needed a good laugh.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.21 10:06 PM
Yes - it's like being in a bad dream that you want to stop. We need to find positives in dealing with it and humour is one. 

lynnwood @ 2020.03.22 6:21 PM
Looking for more positive ideas to post..... 

Sabra Brock @ 2020.03.23 5:56 AM
It's like being in a sci fi story

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By Lynn Wood

21 March 2020

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