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Cars for crypto: Aussies can now sell their car for bitcoin.


Aussies can now sell their used car, truck or caravan in exchange for has launched the new payment system to allow Aussies to choose bitcoin as the preferred payment method if they please.

The company said the system will be operating in every state and territory and those wanting payment in bitcoin just need to fill out a contact form to arrange a vehicle inspection, receive an offer and indicate the desired payment method.

Additionally, the company is offering its employees the option to be paid commission and bonuses in bitcoin.


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Haroon Shahab @ 2021.04.29 10:20 AM
I love this idea. It will enable many people to invest in bitcoin. They can just sell their car and choose a payment option of bitcoin. Just wondering if they are accepting the payment option of bitcoin too if one wants to buy a car??

Sailesh Pudasaini @ 2021.04.30 10:20 AM
The way bitcoin is taking its market, we can now predict and see it is as future currency. Now, car companies are thinking to allow BTC as a currency then we can absolutely see its future. Not by everyone but as per i read somewhere Tesla is doing so.

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By Dilip Adhikari

29 April 2021

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