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Changing the world at 16!

Liam Foldi is 16 and created Kenshi Charity Candles as a Social Enterprise to make it easier for any person, club, school or charity to raise money easily. As a social enterprise he donates over half his profit to fund charities and worthy causes that make a real difference in the world. Kenshi is about enabling people that want to make a real difference to raise thousands of dollars without the uncomfortable task of asking for donations. Struggling to keep up with demand, he is collaborating with the Chin refugee community in Melbourne to produce the candles. After fleeing from civil war in Myanmar, these amazing people are now earning much needed income by making the candles here in Melbourne.
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lynnwood @ 2019.09.11 9:14 PM
Wonderful to see someone making a positive difference with a clever idea- particularly someone so young! Lynn

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By kim-kelloway

11th September 2019


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