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Citra Clean Laundry Detergent - Repurposing Food Wastage


The food rotting in landfill releases methane 28x stronger than carbon dioxide. 298kg per person of food wastage, costs the Australian economy over $20 billion each year.  Hence, I propose to repurpose orange peel wastage into an eco-friendly and natural laundry detergent powder. The natural enzymes break down grease and replace synthetic ingredients, that are so damaging to the aquatic environment, whilst providing a natural fragrance to keep your clothes fresh! I need your help to source 100% natural ingredients to enhance the performance of orange peels, as well as a sustainable method to produce a biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging.

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.03.04 6:09 AM
Examples of biodegradable packaging on IdeaSpies

Daniella Traino @ 2021.03.04 7:38 AM
Is someone working on that idea already? Sounds like a great circular economy opportunity!

Deyan Stamatov @ 2021.03.09 2:57 PM
This sounds great, I wonder if you could source some of these things from restaurants.

Olivia Tindall @ 2021.03.09 3:13 PM
This is a great idea and will definitely assist in eliminating food wastage. 

Lynn Wood @ 2021.03.14 9:36 AM
There may be something in this idea that's useful

R Hainsworth @ 2021.03.15 11:34 PM

Great idea, what exactly do you need ? Can you provide a list of the ingredients you need ? 'help to source 100% natural ingredients'.  This would greatly assist the communitty in helping you. Thank you 

Mia @ 2021.03.17 8:53 AM
I like the visuals looks very aesthetic

simon@principals @ 2021.03.24 5:48 AM
love it ..cant believe we don't do this already perhaps create a link or partnership with boost juice

Madeline Cunningham @ 2021.03.24 6:56 AM
Yes, great idea to get in contact with Boost Juice - they are fantastic!

Sinead @ 2021.03.26 8:09 AM
Sounds amazing! I have recently collaborated with a local juice bar and collected all their orange waste from one day, resulting in 10kg!! I'm now on the search for biodegradable wax!

David @ THNK @ 2021.03.29 5:12 AM

Awesome idea, Sinead. Maybe you want to reach out to Fern Ho from the Leaf Protein Co. , winner of our last pitch night at Silicon Beach. She might be able to point you in the right direction for some of your questions. 

ReadyFundGo @ 2021.03.30 5:49 AM

Well done Sinaed - an excellent idea.

We worked with some great ladies in Melbourne who were also looking at changing packaging - they are starting to make edible coffee cups which even if you do not eat them decompose to help the issues of so many takeaway cups ( in Australia 2.4 million a day pre Covid ) going to landfill.

Happy to help you if you decide that crowdfunding may help you get your idea off the ground.

If you do it is always a good idea to start small and gain experience and insights.

Best of luck Jill

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By Sinead

4 March 2021

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