Clean Energy Could Create 1 Million Jobs


Australia could create a million new jobs through backing renewable energy with new transmission lines and the creation of a new manufacturing industry, according to a report to be released on Monday by Beyond Zero Emissions.

The think tank, backed by Atlassian’s Mike Cannon-Brookes, the James Kirby Foundation and the Lenko Foundation, will release a new paper detailing how the program would work.

The plan is based on building 90 gigawatts of solar and wind energy and harvesting that through the economy.

JOHN DURIE The Australian

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HUB Energy @ 2020.07.10 12:10 PM

Transmission lines cost maintenance dollars, look at new technology that can generate on sites closer to the areas it is required.

There is technology other than solar and wind, the think tanks (MCB) need to support other technologies and not just the ones that return the quickest dollars.

Waste to Energy is the area that needs to be really focused on as it reduces infrastructure costs and helps the environment more by utilizing the waste.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.07.10 12:50 PM

Ocean Energy is another renewable energy that should get more attention HUB Energy. Our IdeaSpies Energy Editor is a strong advocate. Please look at the ideas in our Energy category if you haven't already and share any that you like.

You can also search IdeaSpies with the words "waste" and "energy" to see ideas that specifically interest you.

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