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Clean up Australia’s constitution and place state/federal finances on a sustainable footing


2023 has again demonstrated the challenges of amending Australia’s constitution and managing the nation’s finances through the unresolved issues stemming from the Federation in 1901.  

Our political leaders have demonstrated their inability to address complex issues within the context of modern-day politics, and they need more vision and statecraft to build consensus within the community for sorely needed change.  

A constitutional convention that includes everyday people – not just politicians, insiders, academics and elites – would be an excellent process for building a better future for all Australians.

What do you think?

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percy @ 2023.12.08 4:11 AM

Great idea, but after the Voice referendum failed the  government may be too timid to try anything bolder.

Glenn Barnes @ 2023.12.09 9:52 AM

Sadly, the signs are of a government on the back foot and only willing to invest its political capital on issues favouring insider interests.

Although there is a lot of encouragement to be "bold", I cannot see the capability or courage to do so.

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