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Clear skies over Sydney


Sydney's air hasn't been this clean since the end of 2017 with the coronavirus contributing to the drop in air pollution.

March levels of particulate air pollution tiny enough to enter lungs and bloodstream were lower than for the same month in recent years, and far lower than during last summer's bushfires. The COVID-19 virus, which has curbed air and road traffic, played a part in the drop.

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ideaspy_09 @ 2020.04.24 7:27 PM
Air seems cleaner, though the picture used in the SMH was during the bushfires. An unfair and misleading way of reporting by the SMH.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.24 8:06 PM

That's one view. Another more positive view is that the air is much cleaner now than during the bushfires and the image shows that clearly.

I was in NY about a year ago and was surprised when a NYer friend was so happy that the sky was blue on a day we were together. We often have blue skies in Sydney and can appreciate them more when we haven't had them or visit places that don't.

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By Lynn Wood

23 April 2020

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