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Common interest solutions that most people can accept = rebuilt trust in our government

Historical political allegiances have weakened, and political parties are finding it very hard to win over and maintain a solid mandate.   In early December, a major post-election study by the ANU found trust in Australia’s Government was at its lowest level on record.   The nation's politicians need to do better in transparently determining “common interest” policies that the majority can live with.    Political parties will need to demonstrate that they can effectively address the economic issues plus make sensible progress on the more challenging and complex issues - such as climate change - to win future elections.
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ideaspy_09 @ 2020.01.08 5:19 AM

Political parties are finding it hard to maintain a solid mandate as citizens since the introduction of social media have become disenfranchised with constant opinion influencing their thoughts and exposing truths. The rise of smaller parties such as PHON has segmented votes and sadly Australian's are unaware how to fill out the ballot paper.

In regards to climate change, voters had a clear choice and voted accordingly amongst other issues as well. 

To win a solid mandate, leaders must understand the issues in their electorates and not be afraid of voicing them in the case that they somehow hurt minorities or are non PC. 

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By Glenn Barnes

29 December 2019

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