Complexity of AI and data-driven races - are we extending surveillance or is Privacy a trade-off we're not willing to make?

With applications of Artificial Intelligence gaining momentum and each nation racing to build capability and solutions at scale (the next space race?), will it put us on a collision course with privacy? Do we even care about our privacy? Or is privacy a basic human right that we should protect and be mindful of the decisions we make (or are made for us). Shouldn't we be given the choice on how to share our data; who with and for what purpose? Or are we just the robot product??This NY Times project highlights the careful considerations that innovators and policy makers should consider, so we don't inadvertently create a future we don't want.?
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2019.07.26 7:14 AM
Unfortunately privacy is the trade-off if we want the advantages of the digital revolution. We need to be careful what we say in messages. It's easy for Idea Spies as we're focusing on the positive. Lynn

Daniella Traino @ 2019.07.26 7:14 AM
... the digital revolution could help us have better and richer lives absolutely! if we can take a more privacy - by design approach, those solutions could be even more effective and solve deeper challenges. Everything we do involves some trade-off though. The challenge is to help make that transparent so the decisions aren't taken for us or in a vacuum - and it doesn't become a consequence we have to live with and have no say in the matter. Some solutions we build as so black box, that the non-phD/ data scientist/ technologist would have a difficult time understanding what data is collected about them and how its used and protected. And then there are those solutions that mask themselves as social good, when in fact their use is for greater surveillance and control. mindfulness and choice - what we need more of : )

Lynn Wood @ 2019.07.26 7:14 AM
Plus simplicity so we can understand the choices..... Lynn

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By Daniella Traino

26 July 2019

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