Concrete Terrazzo Wall Tiles - Upcycling Glass Bottles


Waste is an expanding issue, but what if we could give waste another purpose? 

Glass bottles due to their limited demand, low value and the high cost of recycling processes have become a waste product that is being landfilled. It is from this I have designed tiles that can carry forward the need for raising awareness in society on upcycling and seek to minimise landfill growth. The upcycling of glass bottles as the aggregate within my tiles, provides an opportunity for interior and alfresco spaces to showcase the aesthetic nature of what may be considered by many as “waste”.


What do you think?

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R Hainsworth @ 2021.05.03 5:36 PM

I love the idea Tess, but what do you need from industry, business or community? Are you looking to connect with council to access the waste streams they manage or recycling machinery /companies to get access to quantities of crushed glass? Creating and building circle economies is critical to the planets chances of survival. Your project is so important. 

Great video

* Recycling revolutionary shows how you can turn old clothes into kitchen tiles | Australian Story

Lynn Wood @ 2021.05.05 5:36 PM
Your idea reminds me of our trip to Barcelona where we saw wonderful work by the famous architect Gaudi.

Pascal @ 2021.05.05 5:36 PM

Hi Tess,

I agree with R. Hainsworth, you need to get inspiration from the Australian Story about Veena. You might even want to contact her?

wayde@principals @ 2021.05.07 9:48 AM
I love your idea Tess of capitalising upon the appealing colour and textural qualities of waste glass and bringing it back to life in a new and beautiful form.  Your post reminded me of an article I read recently about harnessing waste glass as an additive to cement to ease landfill, reduce the depletion of sand stocks and reduce the energy and carbon intensity of the concrete industry.  While this might be a less aesthetic application of your glass re-use idea, some of the environmental benefits might be worth reviewing for your project... Recycling of waste glass as aggregate in cement-based materials - ScienceDirect

Tess @ 2021.05.07 9:48 AM

Hi everyone,

I will definitely take into consideration your thoughts and make use of these links. Thank you for the suggestions they are all very helpful and I will use such input to revisit in my Major Design Project.

Kind regards,


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