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Cooperation between states on check-ins and vaccination certificates


Central to the NSW reopening plan will be vaccination certificates displayed in the Service NSW app. 

Customer Service Minister Victor Dominello is in talks with his Victorian counterpart to enable mutual recognition between the state’s respective apps, which are both used for check-ins and vaccination certificates.

Mr Dominello said streamlining the apps would enable a NSW citizen to use the Service NSW app to show their vaccination status in Victoria, and vice versa, while easing data transfer between the states’ health authorities.

What do you think?

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ideaspy_09 @ 2021.09.16 7:42 AM
International, sure - domestically no vaccine passports should exist. 

IdeaSpies @ 2021.09.16 7:43 AM
Why not ideaspy 09?

ideaspy_09 @ 2021.09.17 8:16 AM
This push by the Prime Minister represents an unacceptable erosion of the rights and civil liberties of law-abiding Australians and must not be allowed to proceed.

IdeaSpies @ 2021.09.19 8:21 AM
Interesting point ideaspy09. Rights of vaccinated people also need to be considered. Vaccination is being mandated for certain jobs for health reasons ie new laws are being enacted. The pandemic is causing many changes in how we live. We don't like them but unfortunately we have to live with them.

ideaspy_09 @ 2021.09.19 2:37 AM

As a vaccinated person, I am aware that the vaccine will not make me immune from contracting the virus. All it means is that I have less chance of hospitalisation or death. So why would I worry if the person next to me is vaccinated or not? It either works, or it doesn't. 

Even Gladys said that when we reach 80% double dosed, we should be prepared for increased cases (as per the Doherty report), so if most citizens in NSW are vaccinated, why would there be such an increase in cases and why keep the restrictions such as the square metre rule etc?

In terms of "rights" - well if those who are vaccinated are still worried, by all means - stay home, let everyone else live. It's quite amusing the vaccinated dictating to the unvaccinated, yet not the other way around. 

IdeaSpies @ 2021.09.19 2:37 AM

Good points @ideaspy 09 however there is anecdotal evidence, such as in the post below, that vaccinated people are less likely to spread COVID and people need to be encouraged to get vaccinated with freedoms from the current lockdowns.

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