Throughout the current global context, many lives are lost every day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically healthcare staff and professionals. Due to this, I have designed a tangible product - a COVID-SAFE WORKSPACE. The desk will be portable, provide protection through protective screens, electronic accessibility features for a tablet and a multitude of compartments for everyday devices/tools relating to the use of the desk.

I will require the assistance of healthcare workers (my primary target market) to assist in providing information relating to their occupation:

Thank you!

(first prototype shown in picture above)

What do you think?

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Niloy Bal @ 2021.03.10 8:56 PM
This is a great idea and hats off for such an unique design.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.03.14 9:27 AM
This related idea may be helpful

Lynn Wood @ 2021.03.16 6:07 AM

This idea is different but for the same audience so may give you ideas about implementation.

Lana S @ 2021.03.18 5:03 AM

Thank you for your feedback and links Lynn and Niloy!

Lynn, the safe space for essential workers link was a really great crossover of physical health and mental health of healthcare stuff as that is just as important! It is also a great idea due to the demand and prevalence around the globe of healthcare workers and that idea and my own is just two ways to assist in this area.

Thanks again.

Deyan Stamatov @ 2021.03.22 6:29 PM
I think this is definitely important in a covid world

wayde@principals @ 2021.03.24 5:10 AM

Hi Lana,

I thought the Sanitary Food Transfer Window mentioned in might be interesting for you to think about.  

Part of the challenge with solid perspex screens in customer service settings is the challenge for people to communicate clearly with one another, or to transact [paperwork, payments, Medicare card checks etc].  Some form of COVID safe transactional window might be an important design consideration?  

Best of luck with your project.

Lana S @ 2021.03.26 10:00 AM

Hi Wayde!

Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words! When conversing with my target market, they too spoke about some type of window/opening needed for passing documentation/forms through safely. I am definitely going to look into incorporating that within my second prototype and your link will definitely help with my research! The sanitary transfer window will be a great inspiration for my own covid safe window design.

Thanks again for your correspondence! Lana

David @ THNK @ 2021.03.29 5:25 AM

Lana, this is such a great prototype! So many people are struggling getting their ideas out of their heads and getting started to interact with them and learn what works and what doesn't. 

You are far ahead of the game! 

Looking forward to your second one.

ReadyFundGo @ 2021.03.30 5:55 AM

Well done Lana 

What a great idea - so good that you are thinking of a solution to help safe the lives of the amazing help care workers who are at risk every day.

Best of luck with your project.


Sabra Brock @ 2021.04.02 5:56 PM
Like the concept and rendering.  Have you done a search to find out what else is out there and who is funding those efforts?  Might be a good way to find a sponsor to implement your idea.

Lana S @ 2021.04.11 1:44 PM

Hi David (David @ THNK) and Jill (ReadyFundGo),

Thank you for your support and feedback!

Lana S @ 2021.04.11 1:50 PM

Hello Sabra,

Thank you for your comment!

I have been lucky enough to have a range of contacts within the hospital ranging from surgeons to porters to hospitality staff, that have been willing to assist with important information and first-hand feedback regarding my design and the concept surrounding it.

As for funding these efforts, the hospitals that I have been directing these efforts towards are obviously under the guise of NSW Health therefore it has been a bit of a challenge to get in contact with a sponsor or something/someone who fund efforts much like these. I definitely think that this will be a great thing to look into for the long-term benefit of my design!

If you or anyone out there reading this knows of such, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me!

Many thanks, Lana

R Hainsworth @ 2021.04.28 11:26 AM

Good afternoon Lana

How is the project going? Have you been able to test your prototype in the 'field' yet? Would be a great way to get user feedback?

What assistance do you currently need from your team at this point?

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