Decarbonizing heavy industries: German steel giant wants to set up 500 MW green hydrogen plant


I think this is a crucial and most feasible case of green hydrogen utilization. Here just one example I just came across from my home country.

German energy company Steag is helping Thyssenkrupp decarbonize its steel production site in Duisburg-Walsum. Green hydrogen generation is expected to be powered by a mix of wind and solar power.

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René Leven @ 2021.02.28 11:00 AM

Another huge initiative in what is starting to feel like the Hydrogen Capital of the world here in Arctic Sweden!
Today the €2.5 billion H2 Green Steel project was launched, which will produce emissions free steel through hydrogen produced by one of the largest clusters of electrolyzers anywhere - 800MW of installed capacity.
And it's not just the breadth of the vision that is making people sit up and pay attention. It is also the speed - first production is scheduled for 2024!

H2 Green Steel to Build Large-scale Fossil-free Steel Plant in Northern Sweden:

H2 Green Steel to Build Large-scale Fossil-free Steel Plant in Northern Sweden - FuelCellsWorks

Lynn Wood @ 2021.03.01 11:00 AM
Surprising that some are critical of green hydrogen possibilities when they open up so many opportunities-

René Leven @ 2021.03.01 9:38 AM

Yes, Lynn, I couldn't agree more!

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