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Development Alert implements sustainable projects and programs that empower those in need.


Development Alert is a registered charity in Uganda and is involved in Empowering Vulnerable and Poor communities on Livelihoods Improvement and Environmental well-being.

Founded in 2019, it exists to identify, develop and promote talent, projects, programs and activities on and related to the fight against the causes and consequences of poverty, ill health, biodiversity loss and marginalisation for socio-economic and environmental wellbeing.

Development Alert focuses on:

1) Education

2) Promoting access to clean and safe water.

3) Capacity Building and implementation of Income Generation Projects based on need.

4) Promoting Environmental conservation initiatives.

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David Hauser @ Silicon Beach @ 2023.02.21 3:30 PM
volunteer opportunities:

David Hauser @ Silicon Beach @ 2023.02.21 3:30 PM
For those that may offer to Donate or Campaign:

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