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Drone data SaaS solution for physical asset managers


Trendspek significantly reduces the cost, risk and time to manage high value assets.  

Inspecting large physical assets (like high-rise buildings, towers, bridges, silos and stadiums) should not involve manual methods. 

It’s not ethical to put humans at risk when a drone can do that work. 

Additionally, drone imagery is superior and can generate a 3D twin for Trendspek’s cloud-based SaaS workflow tool and governance archive. 

With true-to-life digital models, you can make quick yet fully-informed decisions based on data.  With an exact digital twin of your asset, you can inspect every detail remotely, safely and economically and coordinate maintenance.

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2021.02.01 9:21 AM

Congratulations to Trendspek on being chosen as one of the 10 high-impact proptech businesses to participate in the RealTechX 2021 program!

RealTechX is an acceleration program for globally scaling proptechs to achieve sustained growth and maximise their impact on the real estate sector and the broader built environment. 

The program is supported by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and the Australian Trade & Investment Commission, universities UNSW, UTS & Monash, KPMG High Growth Ventures, KPMG Law, BWM Dentsu and the startup programs of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google.

Emerging companies participating in the program benefit from executive-level access to RealTechX’s corporate partners and a structured program focused on sustainable growth and global expansion.

Participants also have the potential to receive capital investment from the Taronga Ventures fund.

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