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Electric highways - the most efficient path to decarbonise trucks


Another option to reduce transport emissions: connecting electric trucks to overhead power lines on electrified highways.

Australia's transport emission reduction is being neglected. So why not start with the most energy-efficient route to zero-emission road freight. The technology is being tested in Germany and Sweden.

This article suggests the biggest hurdle to large-scale rollout is the initial infrastructure. In Australia currently the biggest hurdle is an absence of government policy:


Also hear Prof Lachlan Blackhall on Australia's energy security issues Tues 10th August 6pm:

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Ivan Brewer @ 2021.08.06 4:36 AM
Hydrogen se ms to me to be the best solution for commercial vehicles travelling large distances. 

satish kumar KV @ 2021.09.29 4:36 AM
Best suited for large vehicles and the smaller vehicles should move on to electrical. 

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