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Enabling the Australian dream of home ownership for the next generation


With Australia's soaring capital city property prices, the family home is a very valuable asset.

Many Mums & Dads are open to helping their adult children onto the property ladder.

The question is ... how?

Raiding savings or superannuation puts a strain on retirement finances. 

Co-operty can help parents to access the equity in the family home without needing to downsize or take on debt.

At the same time, Co-operty can help kidults to be accountable and build their credit file. 

Best of all, the family home doesn't need to be sold or reverse mortgaged.

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IdeaSpies @ 2023.12.06 7:45 AM
This idea is very interesting. Trying to support our kids in home ownership a few years ago I set up the same arrangement for them with the bank. I thought it was much better than lending them money and meant they had financial responsibility for their half of the loan. It was difficult to set up and, when I asked the bank afterwards why they did not offer this service more generally, they could not answer. Well done!

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