End of the Climate wars in Australia and US?


The Australian Government has voted in legislation that includes a 43% emission reduction target by 2030. This is a substantial breakthrough and reflects the views of a new make-up in Parliament - as well as the will of the people and their recent vote.
Meanwhile in the US a Bill involving $369 Billion on environmental and energy initiatives looks set to pass, thanks to Senator Joe Manchin changing his mind.

The Australian legislation comes after 10 years of climate inaction. However the US Bill will be a pacesetter for the rest of the world.





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Maria MacNamara @ 2022.08.07 1:47 AM

#climatelegislation | Podcast > "After a week of debate and negotiation, the government has managed to pass its climate legislation. Guardian Australia’s political editor, Katharine Murphy, speaks to the federal minister for climate change and energy, the Hon. Chris Bowen, about the future changes needed to combat climate change..."

See: https://bit.ly/3Q9foIg

Link summarising: 

1. Podcast - Katharine Murphy and the Hon. Chris Bowen

2. The Conversation article 

3. Announcement from the PM

4. Link to The Bill

5. Introduction to the Expert Panel - ACCU

Lynn Wood @ 2022.08.07 3:25 AM
Thanks Maria for the references. It was wonderful to see this legislation pass with the support of the Greens.

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