Enormous Opportunity for Manufacturing


Australia has an “enormous opportunity” to reboot its manufacturing sector by taking advantage of crippled global supply chains and a lower currency, says Nev Power, the man handpicked by the Prime Minister to lead an expert advisory commission.

Former DowDuPont executive Andrew Liveris has been recruited to work with the Power-led National COVID-19 Coordination Commission and devise a long-term strategy to deliver a competitive, best-in-class manufacturing sector as a major pillar in helping rebuild the economy.


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Paul Chapman @ 2020.04.24 8:16 PM
The Australian Made Brand is stronger than ever and international markets trust it. Nev Power is absolutely correct in proclaiming the marvellous opportunities for companies brave enough to explore and attempt.  It might require some innovative thinking for traditional manufacturers, but prospects abound in both Australia and globally. Deliver quality and we have nothing to fear. Paul C

Lynn Wood @ 2020.04.24 8:55 PM
Yes Paul and your point re quality is very important. Australia can't necessarily compete on price but can on quality. And this becomes increasingly possible with the trend to personalised or custom - made services and products being preferred. 

Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.12 10:41 AM
A contribution from Manufacturing Tsar Andrew Liveris:

Robert Sayegh @ 2020.11.05 6:07 AM

While sales could and should be international, design (and) manufacturing should be local. Design and manufacturing are interdependent: a relay race rather than clean-cut handover, and the expertise from one reflect on the other and vice versa. Innovation without the expertise of manufacturing and design feeding each other is way less efficient, and once the expertise are lost it's difficult to rebuild.

Let alone the advantages of protecting IP, creating jobs, and other benefits.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.11.07 6:17 AM
Good point Robert about the strong relationship between design and manufacturing. I've seen entrepreneurs  design products that are prototyped and manufactured locally in small quantities to test them. 

Paul Chapman @ 2020.11.09 2:51 AM

Well stated Robert and good design is essential for the Australian advanced manufacturer to deliver quality and create a long term business.

For me, a quality company truly understands and lives its purpose,vision,values,customer cause and brand promise. Good design thinking is embedded in every one of these elements.  When all are aligned, customers recognise it immediately and feel comfortable they are dealing with the right company.

Australia has this opportunity right now to offer that point of difference.

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