Experimenting with sun tanning to kill coronavirus


There are various reports about how corona virus is more likely to survive in colder weather than the hotter. Along with some other simple but preventive precautions such as avoiding close contact with anyone with fever, cold or coughing symptoms. 

Physician Gunter Kampf has also said that COVID-19's lifespan increases in colder and humid regions. We could experiment with infected people by placing them in hot weather conditions. For example, setting up sun tanning at an isolated beach with sunscreen (Of course). 

I believe this is such an urgent international crisis, it should be met with immediate actions! :)

What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.05 4:53 AM
Very sensible idea- MS is another health issue that is related to weather. 

Afia @ 2020.03.05 4:58 AM
@IdeaSpies It's simple but might be effective. We just need to try!

Ivani Torales @ 2020.03.08 9:21 PM
Keen to see if we can involve heat somehow in treating patients. Today the Paraguayan Health authorities announced the first case in the country was detected, but also stated that it might not have a large impact in the country since the average temperature for the past year is 28°C.

sjcsystems @ 2020.03.14 2:37 PM
Could this be achieved with a sun bed?  Or is it something like vitamin D that is actually the curative here?

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.14 2:42 PM
Good questions. Can't find any research yet on this. The belief seems based on the flu season being in Winter. Stats so far seem to show that the coronavirus is more prevalent in places where temperatures are 6-11 degrees Celsius. 

sjcsystems @ 2020.03.14 3:40 PM
That doesn't make sense in places like Korea and Iran where I suggest the temperature is far in excess of that range.  And lots of sunshine in both.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.14 4:35 PM
Good points again. I've read that there are other weather factors as well like humidity- hence the need for proper research.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.15 3:16 PM

Another recent paper on the subject

Rowan Stanley @ 2020.03.27 5:41 PM
Awesome Idea, will have to try it from my balcony! #quarantine

Felix @ 2020.03.27 5:41 PM
Sounds comfy

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