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Fake penguins convince real ones to move to safer habitats


BirdLife South Africa is working to create new colonies of penguins at quiet beaches in Cape Town by using decoy penguin sculptures.

Most seabirds breed in colonies and will only do so if they feel safe. The decoys fool birds into thinking that other birds are already breeding there

African penguin numbers have been on a decrease over the last 60 years and the West Coast of South Africa have suffered the most. They have seen an over 60% decrease in the last 20 years due to decreases in the availability of their preferred prey, which is sardines and anchovies.

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lynnwood @ 2020.02.18 12:42 PM

I have a penguin corner at the front entrance of my home. 

Felix @ 2020.02.28 12:11 AM
An unexpectedly cute solution

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By Lynn Wood

18 February 2020

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