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Farmers and unemployed Pilots have teamed up for a Win Win this harvest!

Harvest is finally underway and it's looking like a bumper crop coming off after years of drought.  One of the big issues facing Farmers is the lack of workforce.  In previous years backpackers and grey nomads have pitched in to help as well as workers following the harvest from Queensland to NSW.  This year the International and Domestic boarder closures have kept many of these people away.  However an innovative solution has been to employ pilots who already have the skills to operate large machinery and who have been stood down by those same boarder closures. 
What do you think?

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.10.23 2:36 AM
Clever idea. How do the farmers contact the pilots?

Sally Strelitz @ 2020.10.24 3:44 AM
There is a Facebook page called Pilots4harvest2020!

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By Sally Strelitz

22 October 2020

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