Fast development of an experimental vaccine for the coronavirus


Scientists at the pharmaceutical company Moderna Inc. just shipped out a batch of an experimental vaccine that might protect against the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Shipping and potentially testing a vaccine within three months is very fast compared to the usual pace at which new drugs and vaccines get developed.

Results from this first human trial will be available in July or August. That may not help people now, but could lessen future outbreaks.
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Lynn Wood @ 2020.02.26 6:38 PM
Good that Australian strict regulation is protecting against this virus. 

Afia @ 2020.02.28 12:12 AM
Great idea to tackle this deadly virus and quick

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.07 4:16 PM

Reasons to be optimistic about the Coronavirus provided by Peter Diamondis

(1) We know the disease is mild in most people who get it. At least 80%, most likely more, won’t have an illness bad enough to warrant hospitalization. We’ll have a better idea once testing is more broadly applied, but it would not surprise me if the widely cited case fatality rate of 1-2% is eventually less than half that.

(2) Children seem particularly protected from severe coronavirus disease. Many of the sniffles and colds kids experience are due to existing milder coronavirus strains, possibly giving them partial immunity to this more serious new threat.

(3) There has been extraordinary global cooperation from doctors, scientists and public health officials. In most cases, this has included remarkable sharing of clinical data and research. It is wonderful to see the medical community responding in such a unified voice, all of us trying to solve this new problem.

sjcsystems @ 2020.03.08 5:09 PM

Well the first daft comment I read is that children are particularly protected because they have been exposed to milder coronavirus strains...ok so why have we as adults lost that immunity?  Isn't it the case that once a human has antibodies for a particular condition, they never lose them?  

But are you seriously going to be a guinea pig for a vaccine designed in less than 3 months?  Unless the Chinese have divulged how they made it in the first place, this is nonsense.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.08 6:56 PM
Good points sjcsystems. It's very difficult to be positive about the virus situation given all  the negative news. The previous comments offered some hope in the news about the situation not being as dire as some predict.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.03.14 1:27 PM
Some positives in addressing this situation

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