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Fight fires using oxygen starvation bombs

We could use oxygen starvation bombs made out of dry ice to fight fires in confined and open spaces .  
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aussiephil @ 2017.06.30 7:10 AM
Good idea as part of a strategy to control a fire, especially in the incipient phase. I would be interested in the rate of dispersal of the carbonic acid gas though - in the hot smouldering phase of a fire combustables can still be >500 degrees C; once the suppressing gas disperses, a backdraft can occur. Also would be interested in any hazmat concerns - the majority of our firefighters don't wear breathing apparatus. Clever idea though, thanks Olegk!

olegk @ 2017.06.30 7:10 AM
Thank you very much!

Lynn Wood @ 2019.01.22 7:10 AM
Hi Oleg The IdeaSpies newsletter is featuring the top ideas by category over the next month. Your idea is currently top in Industrial. Any more news on it or reaction to Aussie Phil's comment? Hope you're well. Lynn

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By olegk

2 July 2019

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