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Fika: How To Improve Wellbeing Like A Swede


We all like to take a break when we can. But to get the most of our breaks, we should model them on the Swedish fika.

A fika break is where you collectively take a break together to have a warm drink and a pastry. It helps foster wellbeing and reduces staff burnout.

So why not try adding fika breaks to your day.

What do you think?

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Unwanted Life @ 2022.03.23 6:57 PM
Thanks for posting my article now that I can't upload the article myself

Marcus Gordon @ 2022.03.23 6:57 PM
no problem

IdeaSpies @ 2022.03.31 7:33 PM
Well done on Idea of the Week Marcus! When I was overseas I met our developer in Bruges. He lives in Sweden and told me about their wonderful work life there. They have these breaks, morning, lunchtime and afternoon!

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