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Finishing the projects your loved ones left behind


Handmade items are gestures of love.

The time, expense, and skill that go into making them are impossible to quantify.

It is so special to receive a hand-knitted jumper, crocheted baby blanket, or embroidered table runner from someone you love. 

Even more special if they have now passed on.

Sometimes our Mums, Aunties and Grandmas leave unfinished projects.  

And that's where the Loose Ends Project picks up, leveraging a diverse network of 11,000+ volunteers with the most amazing handicraft skills, big hearts and huge generosity of spirit, to finish those unfinished projects, so they can be given back and cherished.

What do you think?

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2023.08.03 12:12 PM

Loose Ends Project website:

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