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Finland drafting laws to introduce 4 day working weeks across 6 hour days

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IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.08 5:40 AM
It's about time! When the tech revolution started we were told it would free up time for us. The problem was that we wanted to buy the tech so had to work harder. Now that tech is coming down in price and sharing is replacing owning we should get more leisure time!

ideaspy_09 @ 2020.01.08 7:16 AM
@ideaspies - agreed, however from experience we've moved to "how can we fill in our time" despite the faster output. 

IdeaSpies @ 2020.01.15 2:43 PM

Unfortunately this has now been revealed as fake news. Clever idea but it did seem too good to be true.

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By ideaspy_09

7th January 2020


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