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Flying high on hydrogen


ZeroAvia is a developer of zero-emission powertrain for commercial air travel. 

In September they made their first test flight in Cranfield in the UK using a 6-seater hydrogen-fueled aircraft for taxiing, taking off, circling and landing.  

ZeroAvia’s first commercial product will be the powertrain for 20-seater planes and aims to demonstrate that it can fly a plane over 800km with as many as 20 seats by 2023. They want to scale up to 1,600km with over 100 seats by 2030.  

Aviation is a challenging industry to decarbonise and will increasingly contribute to unwanted carbon emissions.

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Lynn Wood @ 2020.12.20 2:07 AM
Very interesting and encouraging- our IdeaSpies Energy Editor has shared this post and it will be in IdeaSpies Weekly this week. You can see more ideas using hydrogen if you search the word on IdeaSpies. 

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By Karinya

16 December 2020

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