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Founder friendly insurance for fintech startups


Fintechs have their own financial needs too - including insurance!  

Getting insurance as a fintech (or any other startup for that matter) can be expensive, time-consuming and complicated.  

Yet it's vitally important to get the right coverage for your fintech's stage of development, so you are neither over- nor under-insured. 

And that's the problem that UpSure is solving for fintechs and other startups.

UpSure offers a winning combination of simple language, online portal, and human team that's always ready to help via a telephone call.  

In this way, UpSure is making insurance easier, faster, user-friendly and better for everyone.

What do you think?

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Jennifer Harrison @ 2023.04.23 8:59 AM
Photo:  Team UpSure

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