“Fundamental principles of governance are the road map through crises.” The Australian 19/8/20


The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated both strengths and weaknesses across Australia’s governance systems. However, the full impacts of the pandemic in both health and economic terms are far from clear. And the ultimate levels of trust and confidence in our elected leaders far from certain. 

If we are to effectively address the economic and social fallout of the pandemic, politicians will need to engage with the electorate as they have never done before.  Confidence and trust will be needed in large measures for our people to make the required sacrifices to revive the economy and maintain social harmony.



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Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.19 10:53 AM
Yes- good to have enquiries about what has gone wrong in governance and have their findings publicised however what action is being taken as a result? That needs to be clear.

Glenn Barnes @ 2020.08.20 10:53 AM

Our Governments (State and Federal) are still focused on managing the Covid-19 issue and thinking about jobs recovery. They are using administrative bi-passes of the usual challenging processes of our liberal democracy. We have, as a result, a more autocratic environment than the normal. This will make it difficult for our politicians to move back to the "norm" of scrutiny and community engagement - at a time when even greater engagement will be required.

If ever there was time to have broad community engagement over the type of country we wish to be - and what individual and joint sacrifices we are willing to make to achieve this - now is the time.

Lynn Wood @ 2020.08.20 10:53 AM
Yes Glenn- your point is particularly relevant in making vaccinations "almost" mandatory as a start in resetting our lives.

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By Glenn Barnes

19 August 2020

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