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Futuristic Technological Avenue – A new area of Investment


Innovation is a sea and technologies are the higwaves in it. There will bheaps of toof the line change in innovation in next couple oyears.


The democratizatioof innovation and information empowered by onlinnetworking, cloud and portable, armaking exponential open doors for new advancements to be created and embraced.

As of late, because of cloud and portable, the expensobeginning an innovation business has decreased and showcasdevelopment openings havexpanded.



The new avenue of futuristic technological investments includes:


·         Web 3.0

·         Reproduction & Advanced    Twins

·         The Market of One

·         Edge Registering

·         The Voice Economy

·         Omnipresent AI

·         Quantum Processing

·         Spatial figuring

·         Key Robotization


What do you think?

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By Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay K Rout

30 November 2019

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