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Genomic test pinpoints Covid19 risk


If you could do a saliva test by mail to know if you are at risk of serious illness or death from covid19 based on your genes, what might that mean for vaccination strategies and international border controls?

Just such a test has been launched in the US produced by Melbourne company Genetic Technologies Limited.

Genomics and AI are part of the technology stack heralding in the era of personalised medicine.

The fraught dragnet strategies in public health are set for disruption but privacy issues will need to be overcome.

With pinpoint accuracy around risk shouldn't Governments be scrambling?

What do you think?

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IdeaSpies @ 2021.06.03 9:45 AM
Looks like this would be a good idea for people who are hesitating in getting vaccinated. It's been shown that the risk of not being vaccinated is much higher that being vaccinated. Thanks for posting Marty.

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