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Hard Hat for Women in Construction

6 million hard-hats are sold each year providing protection for employees in multiple industries however the design rarely considers hair. The construction industry consists of 10.9% of female workers. 20.4 million tons of construction materials are thrown into landfill each year. I experienced first hand the uncomfortable fit of hard-hats for female hair, witnessed excessive amounts of waste in construction bins & the difficulty in accessing & disposing of sanitary products on a building site. I seek assistance from manufactures in plastic moulding to help produce a hard-hat fit for female hair, with compartments & is made out of sustainable materials.

What do you think?

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UpRising @ 2022.04.25 10:58 AM

Brilliant idea Leah. Addressing ‘in built’ gender bias in design such a critical step in creating better equality for all. 

A design that challenges conventions and eco minded is great, check out

Let’s get you connected to the circle economy and manufacturing.

Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean @ 2022.04.29 10:58 AM
Hi Leah, congratulations on choosing a brilliant design project! 6 million plastic hard-hats a year - that is a lot of plastic! The circular economy aims to design out waste and keep valuable materials in use at their highest value and for as long as possible while regenerating natural systems. Your project is perfectly placed to help design out hard-hat waste and keep the plastic circulating so 6 million hard-hats a year don't end up in landfills! I would be so happy to help you explore options to design hard-hats that might be able to be made from recycled plastic and be repaired to extend their life. Perhaps even recycled at end of life. Check out these amazing initiatives - Precious Plastic and :-) I would be very happy to introduce you to these organisations and help you explore what is possible for your project. and Please email me so I can help you! 

Leah @ 2022.05.03 8:09 AM


Thank you for the suggestion, great article! 

Leah @ 2022.05.03 8:12 AM

Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean

Thank you Chelsea for offering to connect via email and providing the mentorship! I look forward to connecting with precious plastics. 

Dan Bradley @ 2022.05.09 8:14 AM
Really lovely idea based in a demonstrable need @Leah. I think it'd be interesting to consider a modular system that allow users to construct their ideal internal fit for the hard hard, would be happy to help you co-design with customers and test demand.

Black Lab Design @ 2022.05.20 9:03 AM

Hi Leah,

Black Lab Design here! We are a Sydney based design and manufacturing company, with an office and factory on the Northern Beaches. We have a wealth of industrial design and engineering experience under our roof so we hope we can help you in some way on this fantastic idea!

A very original and necessary product that has been founded from your own lived experience - that means the problem exists and you're certainly a step in the right direction towards a solution. Some thoughts we have based off your brief:

1. Research your competition - Google shows plenty of websites like shewear, safetygirl… call them. Don't specifically giveaway your idea but ask them, other than having colour options, what other features do their products have that make them “female focused”? Research construction companies and understand colour requirements. Sites I have worked on require specific colours for specific job roles.

2. Don't start with the mould as this will be over $30,000, start with buying a standard Shell and trying to hack the internal webbing design to suit your needs. Websites like alibaba will have plenty of options to buy a shell cheap with no tooling then you only need to worry about manufacturing the internal components and branding.

3. There is a misconception about plastic products. All Thermoplastics are recyclable and are usually made with a % mix of recycled/virgin materials. To make it sustainable you need a collection system on your website to close the loop and ensure your customers don't just throw them in the bin when they get damaged. I very much doubt the precious plastic product will meet the safety standard required for impact.   

Get in touch for any questions you have or if you want to run any designs past us! Good luck!

Matt @ Equal Experts @ 2022.05.27 6:49 AM
I work with FRNSW and they are currently facing the dilemma of PPE that is practical for all users. It would be worth reaching out to them to see how they have addressed this challenge and what steps they put in place to validate the user comfort! Great thought, if we want to open opportunities to all people, the equipment must not limit the type of user!

Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean @ 2022.06.09 1:04 PM

Hi Leah,

I’ve had an idea that might be useful for your MDP. There are 5 circular economy business models and my favourite is called ‘servitisation’ or ‘product as a serivce’ or the ‘product service system model’. I wonder if you could recommend that instead of buying hard hats companies or people who need them could lease them so the hats can be repaired or remanufactured at the end of their use? This keeps resources circulating in the system instead of ending up in landfill or in compost (if a hard hat can break down in compost).

Here’s a link to the ACE Hub website where it explains the business models and I’m happy to help you with more ideas on this if you like.

Warmest, Chelsea

UpRising @ 2022.06.12 10:47 AM

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UpRising @ 2022.06.28 2:21 PM

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Circular Economy Pioneers Australia - Chelsea McLean @ 2022.09.06 11:14 AM
Hi Leah, here's another good idea for the end of life of PPE/helmets I found posted here in IdeaSpies

UpRising @ 2022.10.30 8:37 AM

Congratulations to all who took part in this year’s UpRising. If you could spend just 2 minutes completing these three questions that would be heaps tops.

Wishing you all the best on your last exams this week, especially D&T. I am sure you will rock it.

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