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Hippo Water Roller Project


The Hippo Water Roller Project was established in 1994 in response to the unique needs and constraints in terms of access to water of rural women and children across Africa. Now simply referred to as Hippo Roller, the broad social impact of this social enterprise has been felt in more than 20 countries, with a total distribution of 50,000 Hippo Water Rollers, and a reach of close to half a million people.

Hippo Roller makes it extremely easy to collect water in tough rural conditions, up to 5x more water than a single bucket, by simply rolling it along the ground. Around 750 million people do not have easy access www.hipporoller.orgto clean water. Millions of women and children walk several hours each day to collect water with heavy 20l / 5gal buckets, balanced on their heads.

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lynnwood @ 2017.09.24 7:12 AM
Great to see this project doing so well. It's a very clever idea! This is an earlier post mentioning it on IdeaSpies

grant-gibbs @ 2017.09.24 7:12 AM
Hello Lynn Just for clarity sake. The other link refers to an attempted copy of the original Hippo Roller. That person actually worked for us in 2007-2009 until we had to terminate all association with her due to her deceptive behavior. The Hippo Roller was first created in 1991 - twenty five years ago and has been distributed to 29 countries now with the support of sponsors and generous donors positively impacting on millions of lives to date. Thank you for your kind words, Grant

Lynn Wood @ 2017.09.25 7:12 AM
Thanks so much for the clarification Grant and well done in making such a positive difference to peoples' lives with the Hippo Roller!

lynnwood @ 2019.03.27 7:12 AM
Hi Grant Your idea is popular on IdeaSpies! We are preparing a page that will describe any actions that happened resulting from posts on IdeaSpies. We'd love to hear of any responses you received that resulted in positive action. Best Lynn

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By donna-parker

26 September 2017

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