Home quarantine becomes a reality


South Australia has begun a home-based quarantine trial which is tipped to expand to international arrivals. 

It will start this week for people returning from New South Wales and Victoria.

Premier Steven Marshall said he hoped the trial would be expanded to international travellers in "subsequent weeks", making it a national first.

Those in home-based quarantine will need to download an app, developed by the South Australian Government, to prove they are staying home while required to. The app uses geo-location and facial recognition software to track those in quarantine.

What do you think?

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Ross W Ford @ 2021.08.24 6:12 PM
This is great and yet another example of innovation to keep us safe in Covid times.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.08.24 6:12 PM

Yes Ross- it may even be an Australian first! In Israel they used the electronic bracelet- item 2 on the IdeaSpies Positive Pandemic Plan.

fraser @ 2021.08.26 6:12 PM

When I wrote the specifications for the Canadian tracker. It came down to what will people accept or how creative could they get if they see it as invasion of privacy and what would Mother Nature do with a human developed virus long term and maintain an economic future. I would say the privacy could be a financial legal nightmare but if you can track it and have some of the more advanced simple test for COVID -19 various other test attached to common sense tell you to do you may get to open your economy sooner than later. Problem solving is not always about what you do but how you do it then a little in innovation people can get behind to establish a lot of community collaboration. Hope this helps.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.08.27 6:15 PM
Thanks Fraser- I didn't realise that a tracker was used in Canada.

fraser @ 2021.08.30 12:47 PM
Apri 1 2020 release. Got to love the 20th century horse and buggy vision in a Global community that has to work together. As it has no border just growing problems that going to need innovation and collaboration. 

Lynn Wood @ 2021.10.10 12:10 PM

This is the system currently in NSW as a trial. Hopefully it's expanded to all arrivals soon. Thanks for your comments Ross and Fraser. You may be interested to know @fraser that the idea for IdeaSpies originated when I was travelling in Canada.

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