Home quarantine with G2G Now


A great idea from WA that could facilitate more people coming to Australia given arrivals are now restricted due to the number of hotel quarantine spaces.

The G2G Now app uses facial recognition and phone location data to ensure people in quarantine remain at their registered address throughout their mandated quarantine period. Using the app allows for virtual, in-app check-ins during the quarantine period.  When users receive a push notification to check-in, they have a 5 minute window to take a photo of themselves. The app then matches the photo and location with the person’s registered details to ensure compliance with their quarantine direction.

What do you think?

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Shanil f @ 2021.06.27 4:02 AM
Good idea

Frank Ashe @ 2021.06.29 9:58 AM

Sounds good, and easy to roll out.

Without looking at the app in detail, I wonder how they get around the problem that Person X, supposed to be in quarantine, goes out, leaving their phone at home where person Y will take a photo of a previous photo of Person X that has been printed out.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.29 9:58 AM

interesting point Frank. Not sure of the answer however this app is already working in WA for local quarantine situations. IdeaSpies has suggested a trial of this idea and/or the electronic bracelet idea from Israel for interstate and international travellers.

We need to find a way to help more people come to Australia and people here to go overseas and return. It's not fair to separate families for years as well as continue the economic damage to our society. Any more ideas appreciated.

Lynn Wood @ 2021.07.14 10:05 AM

Note that this idea is point 2 on the IdeaSpies Positive Pandemic Plan

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