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How close are robot bees?

What do you think?

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jeremyspy @ 2019.11.26 6:10 PM

This is clever stuff, but - the further we depart from the nature - the more we think we can live without it - the closer we come to our own extinction! As a keen beekeeper (amateur) I'm not the least worried about some minor help in pollinating from clever little drones. But bees do so much more for the food chain and the priority should be on preventing their demise.

lynnwood @ 2019.11.26 7:04 PM
Good point Jeremy!

Lou Conway @ 2019.11.26 7:39 PM
Absolutely agree too Jeremy.  Hand pollination in controlled environment horticulture environments might be automated, but nothing matches the work of bees in our landscapes.

Raj Varman @ 2019.11.28 3:15 AM
Clever idea.

caf002 @ 2019.11.29 11:44 AM
Why do we need pollination anyway.?Soon, people will give way to robots and robots will become the new ruling class. People will not be required or fed. 

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By Lou Conway

26th November 2019


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