How to reform today’s rigged capitalism - Martin Wolf

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lynnwood @ 2019.12.05 11:26 PM

Excellent article with sensible recommendations for reform:

proactive competition policy; attacks on tax avoidance and evasion; a fairer sharing of the tax burden than in many democracies today; more spending on education, especially for the very young; active labour market policies; decent minimum wages and tax credits; public funding of parties; complete transparency of private funding and also far greater use of consultative forums.

fraser @ 2019.12.09 5:45 AM

Being part of Actual change sense HS and started changing how the system works in college. Using innovation and collaboration to do what the 20th-century silo thinking experts had already failed to do or dealing with underfunded government or private situations. You learn there re only two times when humans change. When their survival is dependent on it and when you give them something that helps them make life easier.   

50 yrs I have heard the same words every time I got involved not because i had to but because I could help make a difference. 

I UNDERSTAND WE NEED CHANGE. JUST AS LONG AS WHAT YOU CHANGE, HAS NO IMPACT ON WHAT i DO AND HOW I DO IT AND THE BENEFIT TO ME AND MY NETWORK  Only what they were doing it and how they were doing it had a lot of good for a privileged few and even created good short term jobs, but it was not sustainable long term. The key to why I could fix what the experts had already failed at. Other than Iam a natural bord innovator, administrator and analyst was simple. Never allow money and self-interest of a privileged few get in the way of what in everyone long term best interest.  Unfortunately, the transit from a 20yr Gold Rush driven GDP to a more sustainable future for all and not do more damage than good. As already started.. Once the working class decides they what change and the investors figure out if they do not support them. They may not like what technology and a pissed off talent pool can do ob their own now. Change is coming and it started in 1995 with 16 students, unemployed, one non-profit and several Ottawa inventors and small business operators and what they tested to change the system is now global and they did not go broke doing it, but they did have to invest million to help make a difference. Learning to use all the resources of the Ottawa community. Running a community supercluster from 1995 to 2010 testing new approaches now becoming part of change worldwide and from time to time mentoring those that showed they what to be part of the change. Without change we as humans can not become more than we are and all we can be. Its the 20th-century silo thinking that money and self-interest is the only think of value for a privileged few. Only history shows. Once the money and power piss off the young or the working masses change is coming. how it get here is the only question unanswered, out it already started. Going to be an intersting decade of so.

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