How To Tackle Smiling Depression


Smiling depression might be one of the worlds most dangerous forms of depression with people hiding behind a smile instead of getting help.

Most of the people in my life are surprised to find out I suffer from depression with near-daily thoughts of ending my own life because I've hidden it so well behind a smile and a joke.

There are many reasons as to why someone might do this, from wanting to keep their job to not wanting to burden someone else with your problems, but that shouldn't be the norm for society.

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Lynn Wood @ 2021.06.30 6:58 PM
Click where?

Unwanted Life @ 2021.06.30 7:00 PM
Thanks, added the link, the word count stopped me writing sooner than I expected

Lynn Wood @ 2021.07.01 2:49 AM

Glad you can now edit. These guidelines are helpful

You write well. If you can suggest anyone as our voluntary Inclusion Editor please email me-

Unwanted Life @ 2021.07.09 2:51 AM
It's rare I get told I write well as someone with dyslexia, so thank you. What's an Inclusion Editor?

Lynn Wood @ 2021.07.09 3:18 AM
Thanks for your reply. Our Editors post an average of one idea a week in their idea category and share it, tagging @IdeaSpies so we can support it. They are listed on our About page showing their LinkedIn profile. 
If you're interested just reply to
Your ideas with a positive twist are v good. It's harder to get traction with positive ideas than negative but we're trying. Check the ideas in the Inclusion category.

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