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Hydrogen to power electric cars

I saw this car in the showroom of the BMW factory in Regensburg in 2019 after doing one of their factory tours and took a photo. It started my interest in use of hydrogen as a source of power. Before then many thought hydrogen was too dangerous to use for energy.
Companies are working on power-to-gas renewable hydrogen, which is when wind or solar energy is used to split hydrogen from water. This renewable hydrogen could be used to supplement renewable energy to charge electric cars.

What do you think?

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Gayle Avery @ 2024.02.01 1:56 AM

It's great to see how its long-term vision and persistence are paying off for BMW, which has invested in its hydrogen cars for a couple of decades.

Other car makers are following suit eg Honda, Hyundai.

And Volvo is developing heavy duty trucks and other industrial vehicles that run on green hydrogen.

Hydrogen itself is not an actual source of energy, but is an energy carrier, which means that in creating a sustainable fuel, how the hydrogen is produced becomes very important. 

IdeaSpies @ 2024.02.02 2:02 AM
Well said Gayle. I was amazed to see a car powered by hydrogen 5 years ago. Now you can see many ideas for using hydrogen if you search the word on IdeaSpies. 

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